Lion’s Head and Table Mountain in one day? Madness!

Most hikers prepare for a massive day of climbing by getting a good night’s sleep and waking up fresh ready to go. I prepared to ascend two of South Africa’s most famous peaks by drinking 12 beers and waking up in bed with some girl I barely recognised. Still, it was a perfect day to climb Cape Town’s Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, so I dropped a few headache tablets and off I went.

Both climbs are bloody beautiful, and provide glorious views over the city and the ocean. The rock formations and vegetation on display are wonderful and the trails are well maintained and clearly signposted. Whilst the walks are difficult in places – there’s a bit of climbing involved – they’re both worth the effort. If you’re in Cape Town and you’re not in a wheelchair or so fat you sweat donuts, go on these hikes.

To be honest, squeezing both hikes into one day was pushing it a bit, and I was really stuffed by the end. From my hotel in Green Point I headed straight up the 669m Lion’s Head, then crossed over to the 1085m Table Mountain and trekked up the Platteklip Gorge trail beneath the Cable Car, and I really had to push myself to get up there before nightfall. All up, the walk was a touch over 20km, with more ups and downs than xxxxxx’s marriage.

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