A Ballad of Satellites, Wee Waa and Jamie Lyon

It’s a bloody long drive to Lightning Ridge from Narrabri, they say
But there’s a few real fascinating things to see along the way
Like the Compact Array of telescopes that nerds use to watch the stars
Before asking to see ‘Uranus’ whilst wanking themselves in their cars
Along the road is Wee Waa, the birthplace of Jamie Lyon
Who snuck off home in ’04 and left Parra fans cryin’
You can drive to any spot in Oz from the famous Burren Junction
Or just sit in your car, sinking piss, till you’re too maggot to function
There’s pubs and roadkill and characters out in western New South Wales
A trip through the outback’s a trip through time, the magic never fails
On a clear night, from here they say, you can see the rings of Venus
But turn down wrong the road, meet the wrong farmer, all you’ll see is penis

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