The travel blog for people sick of travel blogs


Welcome to Drunk and Jobless, the cure for all those fucking awful travel blogs about attractive twenty-something women discovering themselves and feeling blessed. You know the ones – floaty dresses, longing looks into the distance, Instagram filters. Alright, they’re good for a perv, but they’re also very bloody shithouse.

While Drunk and Jobless is about travelling, it’s not a travel guide. There are plenty of ‘proper’ travel blogs scattered around the net, and they have all the info you’ll ever need. This blog is a place to share stories about my journeys, so that I can give you a sense of what it’s like to explore these incredible places. If you need the timetable for a train from Shanghai to New York, Google it. And then come back and laugh at another story about me passing out under a tree.

Thrill to my tales of climbing the most dangerous cliffs in South Africa! Be amazed by my frozen adventure through the mountains of Slovakia! Gasp in horror as I fight for survival in Tonga! It’s solo travelling at its finest!

As for me, I’m Arjay LeRock and I’m from the glorious Central Coast in Australia. After losing my long-time job at a porn magazine when a bunch of evil Nazis took over the company, I embarked on a journey around the world. So far it’s taken me to 54 countries (and yes, I did have to take off my shoes and socks to work that out). I like drinking, I like women (and sometimes they like me), I like snorkelling and paragliding and dancing with the locals in exotic lands.

Oh, and I’ve also written two of the world’s greatest novels, full of swearing and sex and the sort of violence my ex-girlfriends wish would happen to me in real life. They’ve been known to make the more politically correct softcocks members of society shit themselves. The first is called Red, White & Bruce and it’s available at Amazon. The second, I Will Hunt Them Down Like Dogs, is a delightfully gory thriller set in Samoa, and you can get it right here.


5 thoughts on “The travel blog for people sick of travel blogs

  1. Hi Mate, discovered your blog yesterday, great stuff, really did a great job in keeping me from doing my job for a few hours. I’m a similar age group and from Gosford – exiled in London for 13 years now – myself so a lot of what you say is either brilliantly or jarringly familiar (sometimes both).


    1. Thanks mate, if I can stop just one person from working for a single afternoon, it’s all worth it. Of course, if a hot chick reads this and decides she really has to suck my doodle off, that works too. And my condolences for living in London (then again, at least it’s not bloody Huddersfield).


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