Narrabri and Mount Kaputar

Looking for the rest of my shorts
The Doug Sky Lookout sounds like it was named after an ’80s porno star, but offers the best views in the park
You can see something like 10 percent of the state from the top of Mount Kaputar. Unfortunately, it’s not the 10 percent that’s full of topless women, robots, cool explosions and monster trucks
Proof that even the least co-ordinated people can enjoy this park
It takes around 50 minutes to drive to Kaputar from Narrabri, but it’s worth it for this bush
Narrabri is 525km, or six hours drive, from Sydney. It’s an intriguing little town surrounded by natural beauty and full of wonderful people. It’s well worth OH SHIT THERE’S MY ARSE 🙀🙀🙀
It’s a long way to the top of Kaputar, and it’s really steep, so unless you’re a lunatic it’s best to drive.
Gobblers Knob has long been a favourite of rock climbers and perverts alike
Another contender for ‘best bush in Narrabri’. Although I think that awards has to go to this barmaid I bumped into after 10 schooners on my second night
I camped at the Narrabri Showgrounds. It’s cheap ($** a night), has clean toilets, and isn’t too far out of town. The car and the beanie aren’t included in that price
Narrabri’s main street is well-presented and busy, and home to the world’s prettiest Westpac bank. So that’s where my $2.50 ATM fees have been going…
Collins Park has more palms than xxxx
There’s no footy in Narrabri due to the Chinaman’s Curse, but I really enjoyed watching the groundsman mow the grass
Here’s a different footy field, but from the air. Alright, onto the next caption. I really wish I didn’t put up so many bloody pictures, because I’m running out of things to say. Wait, is this thing still on?
How good does that pub look! There are a good few of them in Narrabri, and I even went to one with topless waitresses. I tried to take photos – for the benefit of my loyal readers – and had my phone slapped out of my hand. Such is life
With around 6,000 residents, Narrabri isn’t a congested metropolis – and that’s behind it’s charm. But it has everything you could ever need for a memorable few days away
Ah, let’s just pretend this is a photo of me getting drunk at sunset, not sunrise
The sun sinks over ‘The Jewel of the NSW north-west’
I have strip lighting in my new tent, so I enjoy telling fellow campers that I enjoy a ‘strip show’ every night. No wonder I have to drink alone
I’m pretty sure this photo wasn’t even taken in Narrabri, but it’s staying in

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