My readers are perverts – and I love them for it!


Drunk and Jobless is one of the most popular blogs on the planet – right up there with Dustin Diamond’s personal page and the one dedicated to pictures of Magda Szubanski in a bikini – and my legions of fans have stumbled upon this den of debauchery through various means. Most from reading about it on the wall of the public toilet at Gosford shops, just above the glory hole, but others have found it through search engines.

And from the things they’ve been searching, I can only assume that the majority of my readers are fucking sickos who split their time between masturbating in public and slipping knitting needles up their wee-holes.

Here are some of the wildest search requests that have led people to this blog. Keep it coming, weirdos…

drunk woman get laid off in the bush and fucked

Well, she might’ve lost her job and wound up in the bush, but at least she got fucked. Hopefully it wasn’t by a wallaby.

wyong caught wanking

If there’s one thing worse than going to Wyong, it’s getting caught masturbating while hanging out there.

lost challenge and so he sucked penis

I’d like to point out that I’ve never been forced to suck another man’s penis after losing a challenge. I only do that after winning a challenge.

how can inflat chiks me

I dunno, get a bike pump?

Corey Feldman is a robot

And I’m the one who broke the story! Gimme that Walkley Award!

I’m so registering that domain name. It’ll be bigger than google, bitches!

i ❤️ bj

Shit, who doesn’t?

friend caught me fucking dog

A friend in need is a friend in… Fido.

sexy indian man sex no clothes gay kissing

Bloody hell, I didn’t know I was running a sub-continental homosexual kissing site.

floor horse is watching you

Alright, this one creeps me the fuck out. What’s a floor horse? Why is it watching me?

woman walked by and laughed at my penis?

We have something in common!

“laughed at my penis”

I’m seeing a trend here…

chinese small dick


why is penis so small

Oh come on!

smallest dick penis cock in world

Bloody hell, gimme a break!

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