My readers are still perverts


Drunk and Jobless is one of the five most popular sites on the internet, just behind MySpace and Kevin Rudd’s personal fitness blog, and it seems like everyone who stumbles upon this filthy little corner of the internet is a sicko. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool, but if you’re reading this there’s  good chance you’re on a sex pest register.

A few months back I revealed the zaniest searches that had brought people to this site, and here’s a second helping. Get your hand off it, you perverts, or the silly thing will fall off…

big fat matured monks masturbate huge fat cocks and shoot
This is what I was originally going to call my blog, but I figured nobody would be interested in seeing pictures of husky monks with their knobs in one hand and a pistol in the other. I was wrong.

a wife fucked by dogs and man for more than1000 times stories
That’d probably be grounds for divorce. Or pounds for divorce, haha!

i love perverts
You do? Call me!


kl sentral gay wanking
Bloody hell, it was one time!

wearing gstring in delhi hotel pool
Yes I did, and I pulled it off. They kicked me out of the pool for pulling it off while leering at some women, but that’s a story for another time.

monks drunks and perverts
Sounds like a party. Where’s my invite?


i want to indian fuking girl in kepong
Kids these days, hey? It’s all about fucking chicks in the kepong these days.

malaysian pervert couple
Glad they found each other.


jesse jane porn excitment photo
Well, I guess she looked excited when she hit me with a bat. She looked someone less excited when I showed her my penis.

dagwood dog shanghai
When you think of Chinese cuisine, you think of Dagwood Dogs. My brother would fucking love it over there (even if they probably use real dogs).

best fuck in kuta
I’m guessing they didn’t find the answer they were looking for on my blog. If they did… sheeeeeesh.

kevin bloody wilson nigle found his thong
Now I’m curious about what happened to nigle’s thong once he found it. Maybe he shoved it up his blurter. Nigllllllllllllle… fuckin’ legend!

creepy arse malaysian
I don’t know if this is meant to be about a creepy-arse Malaysian, or a creepy arse-Malaysian. I like to think there’s a small but vibrant community of sentient arses living in Kuala Lumpur.


ladyboy hooker in my room
Now that’s what I call room service!

paragliding fuck on the air
I can barely avoid crashing whenever I start masturbating while paragliding, imagine what would happen if I actually had to please a girl up there!

drunken girl being fucked by a mob
No, you’ve come to the wrong place – you’re looking for my ex-girlfriend’s blog!

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