Wandering around Wyrrabalong

I’ve been to a lot of National Parks around Gosford and the Central Coast, but I’ve never been to Wyrrabalong. And you know what they say – if you’ve never been to Wyrrabalong, you haven’t lived and probably have a small penis. Not wanting to be accused of either (but having been accused of the latter most of my life) I jumped in the CRX and drove a couple of kilometres north of The Entrance to check out this lovely little slice of the world.

It’s certified serial killer free!

This section of Wyrrabalong is squeezed between the Central Coast Highway and Tuggerah Lake, but has a number of interesting bushwalks that are worth checking out. They’re obviously not worth checking out if you’re heaps fat or in a wheelchair or something like that, but for everyone else, they’re plenty of fun. This is just such a great part of the world, with Norah Head Lighthouse a few minutes to the north, heaps of beaches a few hundred metres to the east, and camp grounds and fancy-pants hotels just a five minute drive south.

Maybe I’ll build my treehouse here

The entire park is pleasant to walk through, with patches of rainforest breaking up the bush, lots of birds and massive groves of redgums, but it really comes into its own where the track cuts in close to the lake. It’s really pretty down there (even with a power station churning away in the distance), and I stopped by to eat a large penis sandwich while admiring the sparkling water.

The smiley face didn’t need to be that big

The water looked so inviting, in fact, that I went for a skinny dip. Alright, maybe that’s an oxymoron, so let’s just say I jumped in the water with my dick hanging out. After a splash around I got out and dried off, and a few seconds later an older chap with a memory of ginger hair on his head strolled by with a massive grin on his face.
“Have you seen any animals today?” he chirped.
“Can’t say I have,” I replied.
“That’s a shame, because I just saw a water snake,” he clucked.
“You must have bloody good eyesight,” I cheered, and then we gave each other a jumping high five.

It beats sitting in an office

I finished the day with a swim at Tuggerah Beach, which I previously thought was called Magenta Beach, but isn’t. I wrapped up the day at the same time I used to get out of work, and decided to celebrate this vast improvement in how I spend my time by purchasing a cask of the cheapest wine I could find and playing PlayStation in my undies. Choice!

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