Mission to Moscow

Most people leave Bali with a couple of Bintang singlets and a suitcase full of pirated DVDs, but I managed to leave The Island of the Gods with a Russian girlfriend and a plane ticket to Moscow. And so, against all my expectations, the next leg of the Drunk & Jobless Word Tour will take … Continue reading Mission to Moscow

Sheikh, Rattle and Roll

Yesterday I took on Dubai's ancient streets, and today I explored the newer side of things. The symbol of this rapidly-evolving desert metropolis is the Burj Khalifa, an 828m-tall skyscraper that is the tallest structure on the planet. It really is an incredible building, and standing at the bottom and looking up at it left … Continue reading Sheikh, Rattle and Roll

The Drunk and Jobless World Tour hits Africa

This story starts the way all epic adventures do, in the midst of a four-day cask wine and prostitute bender. I was guzzling a schooner glass of Berri Estates' finest and checking to make sure my PlayStation hadn't been pinched when I received an email from none other than Prince Imotep Bobongi of Nigeria. I'm … Continue reading The Drunk and Jobless World Tour hits Africa

That’s a shitload of crosses!

I’ve been to a lot of weird places in my life - shit, I've been to Wyong - but few have been stranger than the Hill of Crosses, just outside of the Lithuanian city of Siaulia. It's a bizarre and incredible place that shouldn't exist... but does. In case the name doesn't give it away, … Continue reading That’s a shitload of crosses!

Welcome to Tallinn, where nothing’s open on a Monday!

If you're thinking of coming to Tallinn, Estonia, drop everything (except if you're holing a baby) and do it. Just don't come on a Monday, because most of the attractions will be closed and you'll have to do what I did - get drunk and make your own fun. Actually, I'd recommend doing that no … Continue reading Welcome to Tallinn, where nothing’s open on a Monday!

Dog-dating dork declares, “I’ve got fleas!”

Since I first broke the story a few weeks ago, Australians have fallen in love with Dean*, the brave 20-year-old who freely admits to having sex with animals. Sadly, this inspirational tale has taken a depressing turn. Dean recently ended a long-term inter-species relationship with a spirited kid named Carl, and has since been enjoying … Continue reading Dog-dating dork declares, “I’ve got fleas!”

Any Port in a Storm

I’ve had a rough couple of days (don’t worry, you can read all about that in an upcoming blogsmic extravaganza - trust me, it’s a story of love and loss that's so bizarre and deranged that you won’t want to miss it), so yesterday I chucked my paraglider in the car and headed up to … Continue reading Any Port in a Storm

“I cooked and ate my animal lover!”

A few weeks ago I brought you the touching story of Dean*, a charming young man desperately in love with a handsome goat named Carl. Well, it turns out he still loves Carl - with a side of mint sauce! In a disturbing twist to an astonishing tale of cross-species love, Dean has stopped fucking … Continue reading “I cooked and ate my animal lover!”

The day I found out my girlfriend was a drug addicted prostitute

I joke around a lot here at Drunk and Jobless, but I’ve had my fair share of sad and fucked up events. One that stands out is the day I found out a pretty lady I was seeing fucked dudes for money… and was apparently very good at it. The first time we talked was … Continue reading The day I found out my girlfriend was a drug addicted prostitute