Girra-kool? No, Girra-wet!

The last time I tried to go on an overnight hike above the tiny riverside village of Wondabyne, I was somewhat less than successful. Alright, that's an understatement - I had to call my mum to come and get me because I was at risk of being flooded out. So when I set out once … Continue reading Girra-kool? No, Girra-wet!

Mr Flying Man

I grew up on the hill above Forresters Beach, and one of my most vivid memories from that time is watching hang-gliders cruising through the clear blue sky while I played on the sand. I never grew up dreaming of flying, but those memories obviously had an effect on me, because when I got older … Continue reading Mr Flying Man

Bush bashing

The Central Coast has so many brilliant places to go hiking, and I'm doing my best to strut down every bushwalking track in the area! Today I headed out to Strickland State Forest, near Narara, and hiked to an abandoned arboretum (for those who don't have their dictionary in their hand, it's basically a botanical … Continue reading Bush bashing

The triumphant return of The Naked Luchador

I've been as sick as the proverbial dog since getting back from Sri Lanka (who'd think that three months of drinking and making sexies with women of ill repute would have such a negative impact on my health?), so I decided to celebrate my first healthy day in three weeks by going bush. I packed … Continue reading The triumphant return of The Naked Luchador

The day I found out my girlfriend was a drug addicted prostitute

I joke around a lot here at Drunk and Jobless, but I’ve had my fair share of sad and fucked up events. One that stands out is the day I found out a pretty lady I was seeing fucked dudes for money… and was apparently very good at it. The first time we talked was … Continue reading The day I found out my girlfriend was a drug addicted prostitute

Confessions of a goat fucker

I’ve met a lot of weird and wonderful characters during my travels, but even I was shocked when I was contacted by Dean* recently. He’s 20 years old, works a respectable job, has an attractive girlfriend, and enjoys surfing and riding his motorbike. But Dean has a dark secret. He likes to have sex with … Continue reading Confessions of a goat fucker

My mate Pieman and his all-pie diet

I've got this mate called Pieman, and he's a really good bloke and is always the life of the party - at least, he used to be, before a bizarre and tragic decision changed his life forever. Growing up, he didn't mind a pie, hence his nickname. But he played footy, enjoyed breakdancing (he even … Continue reading My mate Pieman and his all-pie diet

Olney the lonely

Hiking through Olney State Forest is a bit like getting a lap dance off your best mate's mother - pleasant and refreshing, but not overly exciting, with the whole experience leaving you feeling dirty at the end of it. I've been as busy as Rolph Harris in a kindergarten lately and haven't had a chance … Continue reading Olney the lonely

Camping with the convicts

With no job to go to, girlfriend to annoy, or pet to feed to prevent it from dying, this week I went bush for a couple of days. I packed my tent and my sleeping bag and headed up to Mangrove Mountain, west of Gosford, where I found a 24km hiking track that was beautiful, … Continue reading Camping with the convicts

The Wondabyne Years

When I was a kid, me and my mates would spend most weekends exploring the National Parks around the Central Coast; camping, climbing trees, swimming in water holes, all that good stuff. Then we grew up and less important things like work and girls got in the way, and life got sanitary and boring. I … Continue reading The Wondabyne Years