Surf, sand and slums: Jeffreys Bay isn’t as ‘swell’ as I’d hoped

If you asked a surfer where he'd like to go in South Africa, he'd probably answer, "Jeffreys Bay", followed by some incomprehensible babble along the lines of, "Totally tubular hang ten, duuuude!" That's because Jeffrey's Bay is widely regarded as the greatest surf spot on the planet, and is a place of pilgrimage for people … Continue reading Surf, sand and slums: Jeffreys Bay isn’t as ‘swell’ as I’d hoped

A baboon with a view

Of all the monkeys in the world, the baboon is definitely the sexiest. Sure, some people prefer orangutans, and gibbons certainly have their charms, but baboons really know how to turn on the charm and flaunt their simian sexiness. I've seen plenty of beautiful 'boons loitering by the side of the ride as I've ruised … Continue reading A baboon with a view

Check out my Mossels

With no idea where to head next on my tour of South Africa, i decided to ask the campy owner of my hotel in Stellenbosch if he had any recommendations. "Muscled gay," he replied saucily, while licking his lips. "I appreciate the compliment of my chiseled physique," I replied, "but I was hoping you could … Continue reading Check out my Mossels