Night Train to Venice

Have I ever told you about the time I slept with a Russian model while travelling by train to one of the most romantic cities in the world? I haven't? Right, well sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatest love story the world has ever known. Before Sunrise is one of my favourite movies of … Continue reading Night Train to Venice

The wurst day of my life

After having an awesome time in beautiful Prague, Munich had a lot to live up to. The ancient city in the south of Germany promised history, culture, and more beer than any one liver could handle, but I instead became the victim of a crime that still affects me to this day. I was robbed … Continue reading The wurst day of my life

On the trail of the Nazis

In a few weeks I'll be visiting Auschwitz, the most infamous of all the Nazi concentration camps. More than one million innocent people were slaughtered in this nightmare city in the south of Poland, and I know it will be a somber and frightening experience. I know this, because it's not the first Nazi concentration … Continue reading On the trail of the Nazis