Show us ya map of Tassie!

After a restless night's sleep due to the nocturnal actions of a hairy stranger (a possum that wouldn't stop messing around outside my tent, that is - get your mind out of the gutter, you bloody sicko!) I woke up to the morning I wanted yesterday. The sun was out, birds were singing, potoroos were … Continue reading Show us ya map of Tassie!

Stairway to Hell

I couldn't wait to get out and explore the unspoiled wilderness of Tasmania's Mount Field National Park, so I was shocked and appalled to wake up this morning to find it was wet and miserable outside. I could've spent the day curled up in my tent, feeling sorry for myself, but that's not how I … Continue reading Stairway to Hell

Camping capers

I love camping more than Tom Hardy loves pretending to be an actor, so one of the reasons I came down to Tasmania was to spend time surrounded by nature. With half the state a National Park, massive mountains everywhere and enough trees to please even the fussiest greenie scumbag. After much research, I decided … Continue reading Camping capers