The Ballad of Santorini Sal

Sometimes a person enters your life and changes everything. With a different perspective on existence, a captivating personality, or even just a sparkling smile that lights up the world, once this person walks through the door, you just know that things will never be the same again. For me, that happened today, and the person … Continue reading The Ballad of Santorini Sal

The Row Show climbs a mountain

I never learn my lesson. I've never learnt that strippers make lousy girlfriends,or that I shouldn't sleep in bins after drinking all night, or that the Raiders will never again win a Grand Final. I've also never learnt that climbing mountains isn't a very sensible thing for me to do. Climbing mountains has led to … Continue reading The Row Show climbs a mountain

Sleazy Rider

I've spent the last three days on the Greek island of Naxos sitting around in my undies, drinking beer and doing my best to convince sexy Euro women to take off their bikini tops so that they don't get tan lines (they don't take a lot of convincing, by the way, especially when The Row … Continue reading Sleazy Rider

Naxos – sounds like nachos, but it’s even more delicious

I rocked up to the Greek island of Naxos a few days ago, and it's a top little place. Beautiful beaches, lovely women, and cute little towns and villages to explore. These islands really are how they're depicted in movies and tellybox shows - laid back and relaxed, with friendly people and awesome food. With … Continue reading Naxos – sounds like nachos, but it’s even more delicious