Take the Lilongwe Home

Malawians have a wonderful saying regarding their capital city; you can live life the right way, you can live life the wrong way, or you can live life Lilongwe. I don't know what it's supposed to mean, but it rhymes, so I guess it's kind of beautiful and poignant. The ride there from Zomba was … Continue reading Take the Lilongwe Home

Jewel of the Nilaveli

Uppuveli has a great beach,  Trinco city has a crap one, so I figured it's time I checked out the other major beach on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Nilaveli is about 10km north of where I've been staying, and has a completely different feel. Not as many tourists, a lot more locals, and … Continue reading Jewel of the Nilaveli

“Hello sir! Where you from? Where you going?”

I had a few too many bottles of Lion beer last night, so when I woke up this morning I was both hungover and very confused. I thought I was still in Europe, and stumbled outside to grab myself something delicious from a bakery. I didn’t take long for my confusion to subside. “Hello sir! … Continue reading “Hello sir! Where you from? Where you going?”