Hell Bus

Sri Lanka's known for lots of things. Extreme poverty. Hot curries. The exotic bowling style of Muttiah Muralitharan. The country is not, however, know for having a great public transport system. That's because it's a load of shit, and getting from Point A to Point B is as difficult as explaining the theory of relativity … Continue reading Hell Bus

“Hello sir! Where you from? Where you going?”

I had a few too many bottles of Lion beer last night, so when I woke up this morning I was both hungover and very confused. I thought I was still in Europe, and stumbled outside to grab myself something delicious from a bakery. I didn’t take long for my confusion to subside. “Hello sir! … Continue reading “Hello sir! Where you from? Where you going?”

A Wanker in Sri Lanka

And so, after spending many lifetimes in Europe, I find myself in Sri Lanka. From the frozen tundra of Estonia to the white peaks of Slovakia, and the rocky peaks of Montenegro to the clear blue waters of Greece, now I’m surrounded by palm trees, curry, and annoying little men trying to sell me shit … Continue reading A Wanker in Sri Lanka