Lake it till you make it

Yesterday's hike through the mountains of Vysoké Tatry was both incredibly incredible and incredibly tiring, so today I took things a bit easier - by drinking a load of beers and walking around a lake. Don't worry, it was still really pretty. I woke up to a blizzard outside my window, and I immediately thought … Continue reading Lake it till you make it

Vysoké Tatry – A walk on top of the world

I spent today hiking through Slovakia's Vysoké Tatry mountain range. It was a monumental experience filled with beauty wonder, and words can't possibly do it justice, so I'll drop the hilarious jokes and just give you loads of photos to drool over. I'm off for a beer - catch ya tomorrow!    

From Krakow to Vysoke Tatry with an idiot in tow

Poland's been great, but it's time to head off to the Democratic People's Republic of Slovakia. It's not an easy journey between Krakow and my resting place of Starý Smokovec, with three buses and a few hikes along the way, but it wasn't long before I was in the charming village of Zakopane, close to … Continue reading From Krakow to Vysoke Tatry with an idiot in tow