Hell Bus

Sri Lanka's known for lots of things. Extreme poverty. Hot curries. The exotic bowling style of Muttiah Muralitharan. The country is not, however, know for having a great public transport system. That's because it's a load of shit, and getting from Point A to Point B is as difficult as explaining the theory of relativity … Continue reading Hell Bus

Beautiful Bus Stops of Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a gorgeous country with a long and interesting history, and bucketloads of natural beauty. The bus ride between Bihac, in the north west of BiH and the capital of Sarajevo took me through sweeping mountain ranges, past lovely villages, and along shimmering rivers. But the main thing I saw was bus … Continue reading Beautiful Bus Stops of Bosnia

From Yasawa to Suva in about elenty billion hours

My final morning on Fiji's Yasawa Islands was as wet as a fat girl with a bag of Doritos, so I sat around like a beached jellyfish until a big yellow boat came and took me back to the mainland. While I enjoyed my time there, the escape couldn't come quick enough – the weather … Continue reading From Yasawa to Suva in about elenty billion hours

A monk gets dunked

After the nine-hour trip from Yangon to Bagan, I never wanted to ride on another bus again. But there I was, two days later, climbing on the Bagan Minn Thar Express once again to make the return journey, this time overnight. And it wasn’t too bad, actually - for me, at least. There was a … Continue reading A monk gets dunked