Escaping Korea

I spent my final evening in South Korea participating in the traditional Asian activity of getting drunk while watching the NRL grand final. When the Sharkies finally broke their 50-year duck to claim the trophy, Busan erupted in massive applause and people started wildly in the streets. Alright, they do that every evening over here, … Continue reading Escaping Korea

Santorini of the East

I had a wonderful time in Santorini earlier this year. I got heaps drunk, smashed some awesome food, bludged around in the sun and got some totty. So when I found out that Busan has a suburb known as Santorini of the East, I knew I had to visit it. I didn't even have breakfast … Continue reading Santorini of the East

Sleeping on the floor like the dog I am

Here's a fun fact about the Koreans; they sleep on the fuckin' floor! No bed, no inflatable mattress, they just chuck a thin bit of material on the tiles and away they go for eight hours in Napland. I'm a big fan of experiencing other cultures - I once slept with a girl from New … Continue reading Sleeping on the floor like the dog I am