Escaping Korea

I spent my final evening in South Korea participating in the traditional Asian activity of getting drunk while watching the NRL grand final. When the Sharkies finally broke their 50-year duck to claim the trophy, Busan erupted in massive applause and people started wildly in the streets. Alright, they do that every evening over here, … Continue reading Escaping Korea

Sleeping on the floor like the dog I am

Here's a fun fact about the Koreans; they sleep on the fuckin' floor! No bed, no inflatable mattress, they just chuck a thin bit of material on the tiles and away they go for eight hours in Napland. I'm a big fan of experiencing other cultures - I once slept with a girl from New … Continue reading Sleeping on the floor like the dog I am

The world’s stupoidest man climbs a mountain

I can be a real dickhead sometimes, but it seems that I'm dopiest when I decide to walk somewhere that I shouldn't walk. I tried walking up Hobart's 1200m Mt Wellington after an all-night drinking session and ended up vomiting in a bush and being attacked by a deranged Polish dude. I tried circumnavigating Slovenia … Continue reading The world’s stupoidest man climbs a mountain

It’s raining in Sokcho, so I had sex with all of their statues

I love travelling. It's heaps of fun and beats the shit out of sitting in an office or being a hippie who spends all of his/her/its time fighting for gay marriage and transgender rights and crap like that. But things don't always go to plan when out on the road, and things to have to … Continue reading It’s raining in Sokcho, so I had sex with all of their statues

In a Bore-Zone: My trip to the Korean DMZ

I’ve been good mates with Kim Jong-un on Facebook for the last few years (I swear he’s the only person who still uses the ‘poke’ feature), so when I decided to come to South Korea I knew I had to pop across the border to say G’day. After consulting with locals, however, I decided that … Continue reading In a Bore-Zone: My trip to the Korean DMZ

Carnival of Seouls

After breaking into the Olympic Stadium, swaggering through Gangnam and stealing a hula hoop, I thought I'd seen and done everything Seoul has on offer - but I was as wrong as Bruce Jenner when he tells himself he looks like a real woman. Today I hit the road again to visit the Namdaemun Markets, … Continue reading Carnival of Seouls

Sweet Seoul Brother

Ever since I first saw that dickhead in the Gangnam Style video, I've wanted to punch his head in, so when I discovered Gangnam is a real place in Seoul, I decided to head there and throw him into an open sewer. Tragically, I didn’t find the dancing dork, but I did find endless alleyways … Continue reading Sweet Seoul Brother

I’m going to Japan!

The Drunk and Jobless World Tour™ has been on hiatus for the past few weeks, so that I could sit around in my undies getting drunk on cheap wine while laughing at all the trannies who compete in women's athletics at the Olympics. But I can only do that for so long, so next week … Continue reading I’m going to Japan!