Another Dick on the Wall

What do China and Kings Cross have in common? You can't visit either of them without checking out the wall. Unfortunately, the Chinese version didn't have any heroin-addicted blokes to root, but it was plenty of fun just the same. I wasn't keen on visiting the main tourist part of the Great Wall 'cos it's … Continue reading Another Dick on the Wall

I (heart) BJ!

With no concrete plans for the day, I just got up and started walking. The Forbidden City sounded like a fun place to see, so I started wandering in that general direction, finding a lovely little park on the way. Of course, Jingshan Park was crawling with people and about as relaxing as a bubble … Continue reading I (heart) BJ!

Journey to the end of the east Beijing

Not content with spending my first two days in Shanghai wandering aimlessly, I did the same today. With a few hours to murder before jumping on a train to Beijing, I swaggered off find something to eat. Of course, I did what I do best and got lost, heading down tiny, filthy alleyways while the … Continue reading Journey to the end of the east Beijing

Holding hands with Jackie Chan

China's not going to explore itself, so let's check it out! The first stop on today's magical mystery tour through Shanghai was the Yu Garden, which is a sort of ancient temple place filled with trees and lakes and artifacts and half the population of Tokyo wandering around taking photos. I sauntered up there, but … Continue reading Holding hands with Jackie Chan

Shanghai scumbag – a Row Row rewind

It’s as wet as a fish’s pocket outside, so my adventures this week will be limited to playing PlayStation and dancing around the house in my undies while listening to Pink. I don’t think anyone’s interested in reading about that (except the weird bloke across the street, who often stares through my window as I’m … Continue reading Shanghai scumbag – a Row Row rewind