Drunk and Jobless: The Comic

A few years ago I went on an epic journey through China, Malaysia and Brunei. I almost fell off the Great Wall, got into a fight with violent Hong Kong kung-fuists and passed out under more palm trees than you've had hot dinners. When the proud people of these wonderful Oriental nations finally decided they'd … Continue reading Drunk and Jobless: The Comic

Shanghai scumbag – a Row Row rewind

It’s as wet as a fish’s pocket outside, so my adventures this week will be limited to playing PlayStation and dancing around the house in my undies while listening to Pink. I don’t think anyone’s interested in reading about that (except the weird bloke across the street, who often stares through my window as I’m […]

And thus the saga ends…

I'm 10,000 metres about the earth, with endless darkness outside my window and an overweight Malaysian dude drooling onto the lapel of his Hawaiian shirt next to me. My holiday is over, and it's time to head home and face the real world. Fortunately, my last day in Asia provided all the drama and excitement … Continue reading And thus the saga ends…

So long, Hong Kong (and hello, creepy Malaysian perverts)

After thee days in Hong Kong I was ready to get out of the place, but I had a full day to kill till my flight at 8 o'clock. I slept in, then thought about taking a ferry to the ancient land of Macau, then decided to just catch a ferry to Wan Chai, then … Continue reading So long, Hong Kong (and hello, creepy Malaysian perverts)

The King of Kowloon

When I stepped out into the streets of Hong Kong I expected to see Oriental dudes doing flying kicks and those big, ceremonial dragons dancing down every laneway, but there was none of that. It turns out that's just a cliche and the Chinese don't really... oh wait, that's exactly what I saw as I … Continue reading The King of Kowloon

You put your right foot Guil-in, you put your right fot Guil-out

For a city of five million people, Guilin is simply stunning. Its natural wonders of green hills and sparkling rivers meld perfectly with housing blocks and busy streets to create a completely unique city unlike any other on the planet. So today I decided to get out there and explore it. First stop was Guilin's … Continue reading You put your right foot Guil-in, you put your right fot Guil-out

Beijing to Guilin in 27-and-a-half hours

Oh, bloody hell, I'm pretty sure a homeless Chinaman snuck into my room while I was asleep and shat in my mouth. I woke up shortly after passing out, feeling rubbish and needing to quickly pack my stuff and get out of there. My train was at 3:44pm and I wanted to check out the … Continue reading Beijing to Guilin in 27-and-a-half hours

Another Dick on the Wall

What do China and Kings Cross have in common? You can't visit either of them without checking out the wall. Unfortunately, the Chinese version didn't have any heroin-addicted blokes to root, but it was plenty of fun just the same. I wasn't keen on visiting the main tourist part of the Great Wall 'cos it's … Continue reading Another Dick on the Wall