Praise be to the Wind Gods

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day for flying. Unfortunately, the Wind Gods didn’t get the memo, and when we got to the bottom of Middle Brother, the conditions were as flat as a disappointing girlfriend’s chest. As a result, me and the Cloudbase crew spent the day waiting at the bottom of Middle … Continue reading Praise be to the Wind Gods

Chasing the Wind

I haven’t had something hairy and goofy-looking wake me up since my last girlfriend left me, so it was comforting to be woken up by the goats again this morning. Once that intimate rendezvous was out of the way, it was time to get into some paragliding. Well, more like time to wait around for … Continue reading Chasing the Wind

We were so in phase in our paragliding days

I'm back from a week of paragliding around Camden Haven on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, and the world seems a lot more boring than it did from 500 metres above the ground. I'm not stuck in an office or anything stupid like that, but flying has burrowed under my skin like … Continue reading We were so in phase in our paragliding days

Conquering the Middle Brother

Four months ago, I stood at the top of Middle Brother Mountain, 550 metres above the ground, with a paraglider strapped to my arms and a little bit of scare-wee dribbling down my leg. My friends were already on the ground, celebrating their first high flight. I ran at the cliff, heart pumping and mind … Continue reading Conquering the Middle Brother