Batti Boy

Trincomalee was a tropical oasis where the biggest problem I had was working out which beer to have with my dinner. And then I went and fucked it all up. One of the women at my hotel took a liking to me, and after serving me extra large portions at dinner to let me know … Continue reading Batti Boy

Paddling with Pigeons

Everyone loves pigeons. They’re nature’s comedians and very popular with children and the elderly, so when I had a chance to go snorkelling at Pigeon Island, Sri Lanka, I grabbed it with both hands. The opportunity, not an actual pigeon, just to be clear. I jumped on a boat full of happy-faced Asians (you can’t … Continue reading Paddling with Pigeons

Shit what happens in Sri Lanka

Here’s what I’ve done over the last few days: Sit around, drink beer, eat good food, swim, perv on hot chicks, and sleep. Trincomalee is as good a place as any to hang out if you want to do lazy things (well, unless you want to drink beer on a Sunday, because that’s illegal, which … Continue reading Shit what happens in Sri Lanka

Sober in Sri Lanka

After a few days scratching around the grimiest backstreets Sri Lanka has to offer, today I finally got to take a refreshing dip in the calm, blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. I’ve set up camp in Trincomalee, a seemingly endless stretch of golden sand fringed by swaying palms. There are certainly worse places … Continue reading Sober in Sri Lanka