The Baltic States

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania aren't the most glamorous tourist destinations on the planet. These three northern European nations are cold, lonely, and full of scowling drunks, but they're also overflowing with history and charm. I had a wonderful time walking down ancient streets, exploring forests, checking out concentration camps and torture chambers (alright, 'a wonderful … Continue reading The Baltic States

Camping, Latvian style

All roads lead to Riga, so I've spent the last few days back in the Latvian capital with my lady friend Marty. She's smart and pretty and nice to me, and really quite pleasant for a Norwegian. Thankfully, she also has poor taste in men and a soft spot for a Gosfordian accent. One thing … Continue reading Camping, Latvian style

Latvia is an unusual place with unusual people

After spending almost a week in Latvia, I think I'm in a position to say that this place is a bit weird. Wait, scratch that, it's a bat-shit insane country that is incredible to experience for that very reason. The locals are serious to a fault, which takes a bit of getting used to as … Continue reading Latvia is an unusual place with unusual people

Climbing Peter’s Steeple

After such a sombre few hours at the Salaspils Concentration Camp, I climbed back aboard the train and was pleased to find myself sitting directly across from one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in my life. Seeing as my Latvian is somewhat lacking, I went with the old classic of a wink and … Continue reading Climbing Peter’s Steeple

When the Nazis came to Latvia

A trip to Europe can’t all be about beer and kebabs - although that sounds like a bloody good way to spend a few months! There’s so much history in this magical land, and a lot of it isn’t particularly happy, as I found out today when I took a trip out to the site … Continue reading When the Nazis came to Latvia

Latvia’s Most Wanted: How I almost got arrested for public intoxication

Riga is a top city and I definitely recommend you check it out sometime, but there is one major problem with it: you can't sink bulk piss in the street. I found that out the hard way, while downing a can of Mitava beer in front of the Freedom Monument, the most revered and respected … Continue reading Latvia’s Most Wanted: How I almost got arrested for public intoxication

Livin’ La Riga Loca – Live from Latvia!

I encountered my first sex tourist within moments of stepping off the plane in Riga, Latvia. After nearly 35 hours of travelling around the world I was tired and cranky, but the cool weather and barren winter landscape outside the airport perked me up -especially because I was the only one waiting for the bus … Continue reading Livin’ La Riga Loca – Live from Latvia!