The incredible Egyptian hieroglyphs of Gosford

I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt and see those big pointy pyramid things they have, but the locals have gone a bit mad and started killing each other, so I've reluctantly crossed it off my list of possible holiday destinations. Imagine my joy, then, when I found out that I don’t need to fly across … Continue reading The incredible Egyptian hieroglyphs of Gosford

Bush bashing

The Central Coast has so many brilliant places to go hiking, and I'm doing my best to strut down every bushwalking track in the area! Today I headed out to Strickland State Forest, near Narara, and hiked to an abandoned arboretum (for those who don't have their dictionary in their hand, it's basically a botanical … Continue reading Bush bashing

Why I Believe in Monsters

I come here every year and it never gets easier. I turn up in my rust-bucket of a car with my bottle of cheap bourbon, and I wander down the path that gets more overgrown every year, and I try to kid myself that it wasn’t my fault. I drink that bourbon and I lie. … Continue reading Why I Believe in Monsters

Into the Green: a short story

Whenever Dave Stump needed to get away from it all, he threw together a sleeping bag and some tins of food and headed into the bush for a few days. The sweet air and even sweeter calls of the birds made him forget about his failing marriage and low-paying job, and there were no mirrors … Continue reading Into the Green: a short story