The Baltic States

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania aren't the most glamorous tourist destinations on the planet. These three northern European nations are cold, lonely, and full of scowling drunks, but they're also overflowing with history and charm. I had a wonderful time walking down ancient streets, exploring forests, checking out concentration camps and torture chambers (alright, 'a wonderful … Continue reading The Baltic States

Jesus wept! That’s a big cross!

After being mistaken for a famous Macedonian saint and worshipped by millions I decided my new-found role as a religious leader (and heartthrob) demanded some research, so what better place to go than the biggest Christian cross on the planet? Luckily, it’s right here in Skopje, so I was able to head over and see … Continue reading Jesus wept! That’s a big cross!

That’s a shitload of crosses!

I’ve been to a lot of weird places in my life - shit, I've been to Wyong - but few have been stranger than the Hill of Crosses, just outside of the Lithuanian city of Siaulia. It's a bizarre and incredible place that shouldn't exist... but does. In case the name doesn't give it away, … Continue reading That’s a shitload of crosses!