One minute I’m camping, the next there’s a naked luchador dancing around in front of me


I went camping in Yengo National Park this week, and it was an interesting trip for a number of reasons. First up, I took a stroll out to the Circuit Flat Bridge, a short walk from where I stayed at the Mogo Campground, and which was built by convicts back in 1831. It was maybe two metres tall and spanned a creek a metre wide, so it was very impressive.


I sat in my chair drinking cask wine while listening to good music, enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with camping in the middle of nowhere. I cooked burgers and read my book and reflected on life and watched possums play.


And then, when I thought things were going to remain slow and steady and relaxing, a naked luchador showed up.

eldiwrestler1 copy
Sorry, Rey

The demented Mexican wrestler – who identified himself as el Pervertido Desnuda, and who appeared to be struggling with the cold weather – proceeded to prance around the campground for several minutes, apparently oblivious to me sitting there. He fought imaginary opponents, shouted at trees, and flipped around like a monkey on methadone.


He seemed so talented at performing cartwheels and other acrobatic manouvres that I asked him where he had learnt his skills. He simply told me that he’d had two girlfriends who had been professional gymnasts, and I just looked at him and thought that any bloke who has had two girlfriends who had been professional gymnasts must be pretty fucking lucky. And pretty fucking cool.


Yango National Park is full of natural beauty and interesting relics of our past, but if you head out there, watch out for the naked luchador! Oh, and I saw this sign on my way out, so if the naked luchador isn’t able to update his blog (which is completely unrelated to this one), you know why!


2 thoughts on “One minute I’m camping, the next there’s a naked luchador dancing around in front of me

  1. I hope that this luchador lives only in one park (which i cross out from my list).. As i have been camping alone he may scared me to death


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