Acropolis Wow… it’s really bloody expensive!

Athens is the birthplace of democracy and modern civilisation (and, perhaps more importantly, lovable ethnic comedian Nick Giannopoulos), and is one of the busiest and noisiest cities in the world. There are motorbikes and cars screaming through the streets, crowds surging through narrow alleyways, and little blokes smashing plates on the ground on every corner, … Continue reading Acropolis Wow… it’s really bloody expensive!

Statue-tory Rape

Last time I was in Europe, I had sex with a lot of statues. It's not something I'm proud of, because I know they couldn't say no or try to stop me, but it happened. I was drunk, and I took advantage of them. Symbols of culture and history and national pride all succumbed to … Continue reading Statue-tory Rape