The Baltic States

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania aren't the most glamorous tourist destinations on the planet. These three northern European nations are cold, lonely, and full of scowling drunks, but they're also overflowing with history and charm. I had a wonderful time walking down ancient streets, exploring forests, checking out concentration camps and torture chambers (alright, 'a wonderful … Continue reading The Baltic States

Camping, Latvian style

All roads lead to Riga, so I've spent the last few days back in the Latvian capital with my lady friend Marty. She's smart and pretty and nice to me, and really quite pleasant for a Norwegian. Thankfully, she also has poor taste in men and a soft spot for a Gosfordian accent. One thing … Continue reading Camping, Latvian style

Bog off!

I love getting out amongst nature. Fresh air, plenty of trees, a few birds, and no dickheads to annoy me - bushwalking and camping and all those sorts of things are grouse. So, while in Estonia, there was no way I was going to miss out on seeing the country's beautest nature reserve, Soomaa National … Continue reading Bog off!

Parnu: Centre of the Universe

It’s time to get out of Tallinn, so today I headed to the world famous city of Parnu! PARNU! PARNUUUUUUU! What, you haven’t heard of it? It’s a little place on the western coast of Estonia, and the country’s summer capital. It’s where all the rich folk from Tallinn head when the weather stops being … Continue reading Parnu: Centre of the Universe

My time in an Estonian prison

If there's a more miserable place on Earth than Tallinn's Patarei prison, I'm yet to find it. With a long history of bloodshed, cruelty, torture and pain, this former fortress and jail is a wet, smelly, harsh reminder of Estonia's bleak history - and it absolutely should not be missed. Built in 1840 as a … Continue reading My time in an Estonian prison

Finnish Him!

Today, the Drunk and Jobless World Tour rolled on to Helsinki - the biggest city in Finland and the northernmost capital in the world. And it feels like it, because the place is bloody freezing! Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if the mayor is a penguin. Actually, I would be, because penguins make notoriously poor … Continue reading Finnish Him!

Welcome to Tallinn, where nothing’s open on a Monday!

If you're thinking of coming to Tallinn, Estonia, drop everything (except if you're holing a baby) and do it. Just don't come on a Monday, because most of the attractions will be closed and you'll have to do what I did - get drunk and make your own fun. Actually, I'd recommend doing that no … Continue reading Welcome to Tallinn, where nothing’s open on a Monday!

Latvia is an unusual place with unusual people

After spending almost a week in Latvia, I think I'm in a position to say that this place is a bit weird. Wait, scratch that, it's a bat-shit insane country that is incredible to experience for that very reason. The locals are serious to a fault, which takes a bit of getting used to as … Continue reading Latvia is an unusual place with unusual people

Climbing Peter’s Steeple

After such a sombre few hours at the Salaspils Concentration Camp, I climbed back aboard the train and was pleased to find myself sitting directly across from one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in my life. Seeing as my Latvian is somewhat lacking, I went with the old classic of a wink and … Continue reading Climbing Peter’s Steeple