Hakuna Matata! Welcome to Tanzania!

After learning I was heading to Dar es Salaam, my good friend (and convicted abuser of homeless people) Scott called me from his presidential suite inside Parklea Prison. "Hey bro, you go to Tanzania?" he asked, whilst whitling a shiv from a toothbrush. "You must meet my cousin, Sinbad. He look just like me. He … Continue reading Hakuna Matata! Welcome to Tanzania!

A ferry unusual evening

Japan isn't a big country, but you'd be bloody tired if you tried to walk from one end to the other. You'd probably also get attacked by wolves and Godzillas, so it's best to make the most of The Nippon's world-class public transportation network. Everybody knows about the bullet trains, but they're bloody expensive, so … Continue reading A ferry unusual evening

Getting drunk with K.D. Langkawi

I made it through the doors of a taxi and slammed the door just in time to stop one of the pervs grabbing me. I told the driver to get me the fuck out of there, and he burnt out of the car park and towards Penang's ferry terminal. Shit, I'd rather spend three years … Continue reading Getting drunk with K.D. Langkawi

So long, Hong Kong (and hello, creepy Malaysian perverts)

After thee days in Hong Kong I was ready to get out of the place, but I had a full day to kill till my flight at 8 o'clock. I slept in, then thought about taking a ferry to the ancient land of Macau, then decided to just catch a ferry to Wan Chai, then … Continue reading So long, Hong Kong (and hello, creepy Malaysian perverts)