My one year and one week anniversary of being drunk and jobless

Exactly one year and one week ago, I received the greatest gift a man could ever hope for. No, not a blowjob off all four remaining members of One Direction some hot chick with big tits, I'm talking about my redundancy from the evil empire of Bauer Media. It was a pay-off that not only … Continue reading My one year and one week anniversary of being drunk and jobless

The knob-head at 20,000 feet

My final morning in Tasmania started with a world of hurt and a trip to the toilet to spew up last night's menu of German beer and pizza. Alright, mainly it was German beer. And then, after a quick goodbye to Mick and Katri, I was in a taxi and on my way home. Okay, … Continue reading The knob-head at 20,000 feet

Show us ya map of Tassie!

After a restless night's sleep due to the nocturnal actions of a hairy stranger (a possum that wouldn't stop messing around outside my tent, that is - get your mind out of the gutter, you bloody sicko!) I woke up to the morning I wanted yesterday. The sun was out, birds were singing, potoroos were … Continue reading Show us ya map of Tassie!

Stairway to Hell

I couldn't wait to get out and explore the unspoiled wilderness of Tasmania's Mount Field National Park, so I was shocked and appalled to wake up this morning to find it was wet and miserable outside. I could've spent the day curled up in my tent, feeling sorry for myself, but that's not how I … Continue reading Stairway to Hell

Camping capers

I love camping more than Tom Hardy loves pretending to be an actor, so one of the reasons I came down to Tasmania was to spend time surrounded by nature. With half the state a National Park, massive mountains everywhere and enough trees to please even the fussiest greenie scumbag. After much research, I decided … Continue reading Camping capers

I went to a place called Eggs and Bacon Bay!

With Ben flying back to Gosford (and a new life of Dagwood Dog dependency), I was left to explore Tasmania by myself. Luckily, I didn't have to walk it or risk getting arse raped while hitchhiking, because my uncle Mick lent me his car for the day. And what a day it was! Blue skies, … Continue reading I went to a place called Eggs and Bacon Bay!

Beer, berks and bruises: A trip to the Cascade Brewery

Waking up with an immense hangover after another night of drinking meant there was only one option for the day - a tour of the Cascade Brewery, in South Hobart, for some hair of the dog. After stopping off in the centre of town so Ben could grab himself another Dagwood Dog, we wandered through … Continue reading Beer, berks and bruises: A trip to the Cascade Brewery

Hey MONA, ooh MONA!

I'm well known to be a lover of culture, so today I hung around inside MONA. No, I don't mean the chick from last night, I'm talking about Hobart's Museum of Old and Modern Art. Yeah, I know, there's a few extra letters in there, but who gives a shit? Let's get into it. The … Continue reading Hey MONA, ooh MONA!

It all started with a Dagwood Dog…

After another wild night on the booze, I woke up feeling rubbish and confused, with people rushing around me carrying boxes of cider. There was a big microbrewery festival in Hobart, my uncle and auntie were showing off their cider, and I was invited! Or, at least, they didn't tell me I couldn't come. Before … Continue reading It all started with a Dagwood Dog…

Port Arthur McArthur

Tasmania is a wild land, so today me and my brother hired a wild car to take us around the island - an automatic Nissan Micra that is as powerful as Josh Thomas with a turnip up his blurter. Ben was particularly proud of his snazzy new dream mobile. We headed out to Port Arthur, … Continue reading Port Arthur McArthur