Sheikh, Rattle and Roll

Yesterday I took on Dubai's ancient streets, and today I explored the newer side of things. The symbol of this rapidly-evolving desert metropolis is the Burj Khalifa, an 828m-tall skyscraper that is the tallest structure on the planet. It really is an incredible building, and standing at the bottom and looking up at it left … Continue reading Sheikh, Rattle and Roll

The marvellous meat pie-zza

I've been spending a lot of time with my good mate (and fellow Sri Lankan) Geoff Jansz lately, and me and 'Colombo's Coolest Cook' have been pushing boundaries and changing the world together. Alright, we mainly we just chase each other around the kitchen and gossip about boys, but we've also been whipping up some … Continue reading The marvellous meat pie-zza

I put a bunch of mini pies into a big pie and then ate it

Go fuck yourself, Manu Feildel, and choke on a bucket of cocks, Jamie Oliver, because I'm the best chef in the world now. That's because I recently cooked the greatest meal of all time, by putting a whole bunch of bite-sized mini meat pies into a full-sized meat pie and cooking the whole thing. I … Continue reading I put a bunch of mini pies into a big pie and then ate it

The Big McPie (and how it almost killed me)

Once upon a time, fine dining restaurant McDonald’s ran a promotion where, in return for voting for some shitty YouTube videos on their website, one received a voucher for a free Big Mac. Of course, I rigged the system and ended up with an unlimited supply of the burgers, and decided I’d eat nothing but … Continue reading The Big McPie (and how it almost killed me)

My mate Pieman and his all-pie diet

I've got this mate called Pieman, and he's a really good bloke and is always the life of the party - at least, he used to be, before a bizarre and tragic decision changed his life forever. Growing up, he didn't mind a pie, hence his nickname. But he played footy, enjoyed breakdancing (he even … Continue reading My mate Pieman and his all-pie diet